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Sep 20, 2010 Net Neutrality supporters believe that the length of time it takes to upload. a website should not be faster for those who are rich, and slower for 

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The issues. Most net neutrality advocates. would grant believe that certain application-specific tiering. many net neutrality supporters would be up in arms  

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Internet freedom means Net Neutrality Internet This ruling means there is no one who can protect us from. ISPs that block or discriminate against websites,  While seen as an aggressive stance in favor of Net Neutrality, the FCC Opponents believe that the FCC is overstepping its authority and that ISPs do not need to. but at the same time, many Net Neutrality supporters view these rules as too 

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Many believe net neutrality to be primarily important as a preservation of. "[We] each pay to connect to the Net, but. no one can pay for exclusive access to me " Supporters of network neutrality want a legal mandate ensuring that cable 

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Net neutrality is the principle that broadband Internet pro- viders will handle all. serve any customers who seek their services. and to do so “indi er- ently ” The principle which the Internet economy evolves, most supporters of net neu- trality believe. that the current legal system is not equipped to deal with these issues.

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Net-neutrality supporters claim that if ISPs are free to give preferential treatment. The fact that this would be slower than premium service does not mean that it 

May 20, 2013 In recent years supporters of network neutrality have tried and failed to get words” monologue, something you can easily find on the Internet RSS
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